Getting to know Kwanele Afro Hair Straightening Brush

Kwanele afro hair straightening brush

Kwanele Afro Hair Straightening brush is a is a 3 in 1 brushing tool that detangles, straightens and dries natural hair without pain, all at once. It is a hair dryer, detangler and brush in one that saves time and reduces pain in managing natural hair.

The brush is big and is designed to straighten the curliest coil and richest of hair without damaging it or breaking it. In fact, breakage is reduced by up to 70% as compared to other forms of brushing or combing.

With infrared technology the brush minimises combing time and strokes needed to straighten the hair. Results are seen after a minimum of 3 strokes depending on the texture of your hair.

Kwanele Afro Hair Straightening brush also has 3 heat settings (170°, 200° or 230°) to meet the straightening effect needs of different types of hair. To elaborate thick textured hair with very lower porosity, needs higher heat temperature to effectively straighten it and thinner textured hair with higher porosity needs lower heat temperature. Sometimes the look you want can also change the temperature setting. 

With ceramic bristles Kwanele afro hair straightening brush allows hair to slip through the bristles and makes brushing more effortless.

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