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Detangling natural hair is important for hair growth

Tangling is the core aspect of having natural hair. Unlike relaxed hair, natural hair tangles easily because of its spiral properties of hair strands that coil onto one another. This means keeping natural hair detangled is a challenge that requires the right equipment as not to break your hair when brushing. Therefore, detangling hair requires a soft padded brush that is gentle enough to separate tangles without knotting them.

Kwanele Optimal Detangler brush and the Kwanele Bag Size brush are gently and make detangling exceptionally smooth and effortless. A useful technique includes detangling your hair by brushing it from ends to roots and not the other way around. Another important aspect of detangling is to dampen your hair and moisturise it before brushing. Brushing dry hair leads to breakage which results in minimal hair growth.

Please take note of normal loss of hair through shedding and excessive loss of hair which is over the normal 50-100 strands a day. You can avoid breaking your hair by protective styling it weekly or monthly depending on the style. Avoid pleating your hair over 8 weeks as it also leads to knots and tangles.