2 Size Crochet Needle Set
2 Size Crochet Needle Set
2 Size Crochet Needle Set
2 Size Crochet Needle Set
2 Size Crochet Needle Set

2 Size Crochet Needle Set

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Latch crochet hook needle for hair/braids


Crochet braiding is a form of protective hairstyling just like weaves (sew-in), individual braids, or cornrows. Crochet braiding is meant to give natural hair rest from daily manipulation. Crochet braiding is complete protective hairstyling so there is no natural hair exposed. The natural hair is braided into cornrows using the stylist's braid pattern of choice. Next, pieces of bulk (human or synthetic [including pre-braided or pre-twisted]) hair is strategically added by pulling it underneath different sections of the cornrows with a crochet hook until the desired style is achieved.


Plastic handle
Stainless Steel crochet


  • Less stress on the hair shaft and the edges of natural hair
  • Endless styling options available
  • Style Versatility
  • New hairstyle with no commitment
  • Cost Effective
  • Adds volume to thin hair
  • Easily able to refresh styles without getting hair completely redone
  • Long term protective style
  • The older crochet braids get the better they look
  • Scalp is left exposed to breathe, cleanse, and moisturize
  • Saves time in daily hair routine
  • Easily correct or adjust appearance of style
  • Has a natural look
  • Protects hair from environmental conditions


A crochet hook (or crochet needle) is a tool used to make loops in thread or hairpiece and to interlock them into crochet stitches or braid. It is basically a bended point hook that easily slips through hair. With it you can latch synthetic hair of all kinds to style your cornrows or braids.

Suitable for all braids, Natural hair

Can be used on children


What's in the box
  • 2 X Crochet Hooks (1 X 5mm and 1 X 3,8mm Crochet)