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The concept of KwaneleSA is a personal one as it was discovered from the founder's love for natural hair.

Quoted from the founder, "In 2012 when I was pregnant with my son I transitioned to natural throughout my pregnancy and at 8 months pregnant I cut away my relaxed hair because I didn't want to put chemicals in my hair anymore. In 2013, I began struggling with my natural hair because it was difficult to comb, difficult to manage and even salons gave me a hard time. At that time, there were no natural hair products available in retail stores and no known natural hair salons at the time, only weaves and extensions were booming. I then turned to conventional airbrush dryers mainly aimed at styling Caucasian hair to try to manage the pain of having natural hair. From 2013 to 2016 I kept using the airbrush styling dryers that were painful and took 40 minutes to an hour to straighten my hair. At the end of 2017, the brush broke, and I was frustrated at the fact that African women with natural hair
didn't have a product for their hair that is painless and made for them. I remember the conversation I had with my husband on our porch during December holidays, when I decided that it was a good idea to follow. It was an idea that will not only help me but help my daughter, sisters, mother and friends. In fact I could help all natural hair sisters in the world. In February 2019 I withdrew my investment savings and started ordering my first 100 brushes to test the market which was a success. Then and there the KwaneleSA brand was established."


After establishing the brand KwaneleSA has been committed to helping women manage their natural hair whether coily, curly or straight. We want to see all women loving their hair and having the confidence in wearing their natural hair. As the saying goes, " When your hair looks good you feel good!"