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6 Pack - Disposable Shower Caps
6 Pack - Disposable Shower Caps
6 Pack - Disposable Shower Caps
6 Pack - Disposable Shower Caps
6 Pack - Disposable Shower Caps

6 Pack - Disposable Shower Caps

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Disposable Plastic Shower Cap

A shower cap is a hat worn while showering or bathing to protect hair from becoming wet? Alternatively, can be used for deep conditioning your hair and many other functions listed below.

Colors 2 Blue/ 2 Pink/ 2 White-Clear

Pattern Type: Plain
Material: Plastic

Hair Functions

  1. Use when you Shower
  2. Use when you deep conditioning your hair, wear it underneath your Deep conditioning
  3. Hair mask is like a conditioner, but you leave it in for longer (from a half hour to overnight depending on the mask) and you do this before washing your hair. 


  1. Protect your hair style when showering
  2. Can be used to prevent liquids put on your hair from evaporating before penetrating in your hair
  3. Allows you to deep condition your hair overnight without discomfort

They're also beneficial when it comes to sealing moisture into the hair, which is why plenty of people use them while deep conditioning; they can help trap the heat being released from the top of your head and can keep your hair's cuticles open so that the hydrating ingredients can more easily penetrate.


Other functions

  1. Food bowl cover - You can also use disposable shower caps for covering food bowls and protect your food from flies
  2. Portable vase -Fill the cap with a cup or so of water, place the flower stems inside the water 'bowl' and then fasten the elastic around the stems.
  3. Phone/iPod/camera case -Wrap your expensive 'toys' in a shower cap before throwing into your bag and protect them until you buy a proper cover or case.
  4. Travel bag for your shoes - Wrap each shoe in a separate shower cap to protect your clothing from dirty shoes
  5. Cover for bike seat - Cover your bike seat on a rainy day while hiking or enjoying your ride.


Suitable For - Adults and Children

One size